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    Ncomputing introduces new hdx thin clients with breakthroughprice/... - Clothing Hang Tags

      REDWOOD CITY, California , May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SoC-enabled N-series delivers industry's first HDX-capable clientsunder $100 NComputing , the world leader in end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions,today announced its portfolio of high performance thin clientsbuilt for Citrix that deliver a high performance HDXexperience for less than $100 - a fraction of the cost of existing HDX-capable thin clients orPC's. Powered by the third-generation Numo 3System-on-Chip (SoC), the N-series devices exclusively supportCitrix XenDesktop , Citrix XenApp and CitrixVDI-in-a-Box deployments with rich multimedia using lessthan 5 watts of power. Offering full manageability, customersupport and a dramatically lower price than alternative endpoints,the new NComputing devices transform the economics of desktopvirtualization, enabling organizations to extend their Citrixdesktop virtualization deployments. Already in test withcustomers globally, the N400 and N500 are expected to ship involume during Q2.

      "Transformation in cloud computing and mobile work styles ishappening at an unprecedented pace. By working with partners suchas NComputing with its expertise building thin client solutions forvirtualized environments, we are helping enterprises rapidly expanddesktop virtualization deployments with new very low-cost devicesthat deliver a superior high-definition HDX experience for users. NComputing's new thin client line will give our customers alow-cost, high-performance thin client for their virtual desktopenvironments," said Sumit Dhawan , group vice president and general manager, Receiver and Gatewaysgroup at Citrix. The two thin clients, the N400 and N500, were architected forspecific classes of users. The N400 is primarily aimed at taskworkers and provides video resolution up to 1920x1080 with on-boardgraphics acceleration, 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, and a rich HDmultimedia experience with 720p server-side video rendering.

      The more powerful N500, targeted at knowledge workers and thosewith higher-end applications, adds enhanced multimedia with full HD1080p client-side rendering, 10/100/1000 Ethernet connectivity, andoptions for dual monitor and Wi-Fi connectivity. Both devicessupport smart card readers and other USB 2.0 peripherals. Inaddition, all devices are managed with the new NComputing vSpaceManagement Center, allowing an IT organization to easily deploy,operate, and manage thousands of devices across a distributedorganization. "Centralized virtual desktop technology, also referred to as VDI,continues to gain traction in the enterprise, but limitations ofthe delivery infrastructure has been one factor that has helpedinhibit growth - especially when rich media applications are arequirement," said Al Gillen , program vice president, System Software, at IDC. "With NComputingembedding HDX support directly into its SoC-designs, thin clientcustomers now have an attractive, high-performance alternative fortheir end point computing device. Reusable Carrier Bags

      This technology helps removeone of the choke points holding back larger VDI deployments." Both N-series devices incorporate NComputing's own third-generationNumo 3 System-on-Chip based on an ARM A9 Dual Core thatdelivers extremely high performance. With these NComputingperformance innovations in silicon, the N400 and N500 thin clientsare highly energy efficient, require no internal fans or heatsinks, and are built for extremely high reliability. Using thevSpace Management Center, customers can update either firmware ordevice profiles from a central operations center. With eitherthe hardware acceleration built into the N400 or the fullclient-side rendering of the N500, customers can count on anamazing HDX experience equivalent to that in a high-end desktop PC. Clothing Hang Tags

      "While VDI has proven itself to be of great value to enterpriseswhen it comes to centralizing and virtualizinginfrastructure, customers are desperately looking for ways tolower the cost associated with this form of computing in order tojustify and then expand their deployments," said Mike Strohl,CEO of Entisys/Agile360. "In our view, NComputing is completelydisrupting those economics, and we are excited to be ableto deliver new economies of scale and capabilities to ourclients by adding the high performance and lower cost NComputingto our portfolio." The NComputing offerings are purpose-built to support all threeCitrix desktop virtualization solutions - XenDesktop, XenApp, andVDI-in-a-Box - and any deployment model - whether 1-1 VDI or othershared computing models. With deep technical expertise in SoCdesign and Linux software development, NComputing is delivering ahigh-performance HDX experience in an extremely efficient andhighly reliable form factor. The N400 and N500 with the NumoSoC take the best aspects of thin clients, embed criticalfunctionality into a silicon-based solution, and enable prices aslittle as one-third those of current endpoints. China Clothing Woven Labels

      The N-seriesthin clients provide the breakthroughs needed in cost andperformance for customers to be able to extend and accelerate theirdesktop virtualization deployments. "Until today, the Enterprise thin client market has been devoid ofreal innovation for many years," said Raj Dhingra, CEO ofNComputing. "We're excited to bring HDX on the Numo 3system-on-chip to the Enterprise, leveraging silicon already provenin volume. Citrix customers and partners can finally enjoybenefits of a world-class thin client device at a dramaticallylower cost - with no compromise in the HDX experience." The N400 lists at $129 , the N500 lists at $199 ; both will be subject to volume discounts that can break the $100 price barrier. Dual monitor and Wi-Fi options are availablefor the N500 for an additional cost.

      The N-series is expectedto be certified Citrix HDX Ready when the products ship later thisquarter. Products will be available through selected CitrixPlatinum and Gold Resellers along with volume discounts appropriateto larger desktop virtualization deployments. The N-seriesdevices will also be available through selected NComputingresellers. Additional product and pricing information isavailable directly from NComputing.

      About NComputing NComputing, Inc. is the fastest growing desktop virtualizationcompany in the world with over 20 million daily users in 140countries. The company's award-winning, patented technology lowersdesktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces bothenergy consumption and e-waste. It is the perfect solution forleveraging the power and potential of PCs and cloud computing.

      Tolearn more about NComputing visit.

      Hebrew college cancels plans to sell newton campus after strikingloan deal - China Security Dome Cameras

        NEWTON - Eighteen months after the startling news that HebrewCollege planned to sell its celebrated campus to retire $32.1million in mortgage debt, its leaders say the school has regainedits financial footing and will now stay put. Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann, the president of Hebrew College, said theschool is in the final phase of renegotiating its loan in a complexdeal that will reduce the institution"s debt to $7.4 million. The school also has chopped its operating budget nearly in halfover the past four years.

        But by focusing almost exclusively onadministrative cuts, Lehmann said, its academic programs havesurvived almost intact. The deal means Hebrew College can keep its building - a modern,light-drenched structure designed by renowned Israeli architectMoshe Safdie - and focus on improving its blend of youth,community, and graduate education offerings. "It means a new lease on life,"" said Lehmann,who plans a formal announcement of the newfound stability at theschool"s 90th anniversary gala Wednesday evening. "Hereis an institution which is the only institution of its kind in NewEngland."" Hebrew College is Boston"s largest and most comprehensiveinstitution for community Jewish education and home to thearea"s only rabbinical school. It was founded in Roxbury andmoved to Brookline before settling in Newton Centre in 2001.

        The school educates about 600 in its community programs, whichallow adults to learn about Judaism. More than 500 students areenrolled in its after-school and weekend programs for middle- andhigh-schoolers, and about 250 graduate students study at thecollege, including about 50 in the rabbinical school. Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at BrandeisUniversity and an alumnus and donor, said a forced sale"would have been a symbol of failure for the Boston Jewishcommunity, one which I was quite uncomfortable with. "The fact that it will remain is, I think, a symbol that thecommunity remains committed to high-level Jewish education, and toa sense that Jewish education can occur in this kind of impressivelocation and building that had been specially built forit,"" he said. But Lehmann said the college, like many other institutions, haslearned a painful lesson about tempering ambition with budgetaryrealism. Security Dome Cameras

        "It has to be very, very careful and responsible andsustainable,"" said Lehmann, who replaced theschool"s previous leader, David Gordis, just months beforethe 2008 economic meltdown. "Part of our problem is we gotahead of ourselves. There is a natural desire for growth, but ithas to be growth you can afford."" Lehmann said when the college went on the market early last year,the building drew only limited interest in a deflated real estatemarket. At the price the building was likely to fetch, he said,Hebrew College"s leaders felt they could try to jump in andrefinance. China Security Dome Cameras

        The bond insurer agreed to work with the college on aplan. The deal, which is likely to close within days, required somesacrifice all around, Lehmann said. The bond insurer lost somemoney; Hebrew College agreed to raise $3 million in equity; andCombined Jewish Philanthropies, a major supporter of Hebrew Collegeand the guarantor of its original mortgage loan, must pay $5.2million of the debt in the coming years. But Barry Shrage, president of Combined Jewish Philanthropies,which continues to contribute $1.5 million to the college each yearto support its educational mission, said Hebrew College has agreedto try to pay his organization back over time. Waterproof IR Camera

        Shrage described the college"s current leadership as"terrifically on the ball."" The institution"s recovered financial stability, he said,will allow it to refocus its energies on programs like Prozdor, thewidely respected supplemental school for Jewish teens, whichrecently received an injection of youthful new leadership, andMe"ah, an adult education program that Shrage described as"the best shot any community ever had at universal adultJewish literacy."" "I believe this will put us back on target for significantnew expansion in those areas,"" Shrage said. The college has recently created two new programs on parenting"through a Jewish lens"" and another for youngadults. When facing the prospect of homelessness, Hebrew College hadarranged to lease space from neighboring Andover Newton TheologicalSchool. The Rev. Nick Carter, president of Andover Newton, said the changeof plans was welcome news.

        The two institutions work closely oninterfaith efforts, such as developing a new certificate program ininterfaith leadership. "In terms of things that are going to make Hebrew Collegestrong and actually support our exploration into interreligiousleadership education, it"s far more important that they havea permanent home,"" he said. David Micley is the third generation of his family to work atHebrew College; his grandparents met there, and his mother trainsteachers in the Prozdor program for teens, where Micley is nowdirector of recruitment and admissions. "I know for a lot of people who work here, it felt like aghost hanging over everybody"s head,"" he said ofthe onetime threat of having to move.

        "To have that not be aconcern and to focus on programming . . . is definitelyinvigorating."" Try BostonGlobe.com today and get two weeks FREE.

        Lisa Wangsness can be reached at .

        Acoustic diode, providing one-way transmission of sound, promisesto improve ultrasound imaging

          The team, led by professor Jian-chun Cheng, will describe its workat the Acoustics 2012 meeting in Hong Kong, May 13-18, a jointmeeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), AcousticalSociety of China, Western Pacific Acoustics Conference, and theHong Kong Institute of Acoustics. Acoustic diodes are analogous to the electric diodes that produceunidirectional flow of current through electronic devices,protecting them from sudden and damaging reversals of flow.Electric diodes, which are akin to the check valves in car engines,work by providing nearly zero resistance to current flow in onedirection and very high resistance in another. However, saysassociate professor and team member Bin Liang, "there is noanalogous method to protect ultrasound sources from the disturbanceof backtracking acoustic waves. Indeed, such unidirectional flow isfar tougher to achieve with acoustic waves than with electriccurrent because sound waves travel just as easily in bothdirections along any given path." The acoustic diode consists of two parts. The first is anultrasound contrast agent (UCA), made from a suspension ofmicrobubbles. POS Cardboard Display

          The UCA has a strong acoustic nonlinearity, whichmeans it converts the acoustic energy of an incident wave into awave with twice as many pulsations per second. Therefore, Liangsays, "sound waves enter such a material at a particularfrequency and leave with a frequency twice as great." The UCAmicrobubbles come in a broad range of sizes, so they can produceacoustic nonlinearity over a broad frequency range. The second part of the acoustic diode is a superlattice consistingof thin alternating sandwich-like layers of water and glass. Thesuperlattice acts like a filter that allows the sound waves withthe doubled frequency to pass through the material but not theoriginal sound waves. Standee Display

          "Hence," Liang says, "if the sound comes from theside of the nonlinear material, it will hit that material first,creating doubled frequency sound that passes through the filter,while any sound coming from the other side at the originalfrequency is blocked before it reaches the doubling layer." In clinical medical imaging using ultrasound, acoustic waves aresent into the body and the reflected waves are received by thescanning instrument and the surrounding sensors to form theultrasound images of the internal organs. "However, some ofthe reflecting waves interfere with the ingoing waves, which maylower the brightness and the resolution of the image. Therefore,preventing waves from coming back toward the ultrasound sourcewould help to improve the quality of the ultrasound image,"Liang says. "In general," he adds, "we hope that the acousticdiode could apply to diverse situations where a special control ofacoustic energy flux is required, for example, to improve thequality and effect of medical ultrasound diagnosis and therapy, orthe design of unidirectional sound barriers.". POS Cardboard Display

          Chemistry: scientists unlock mystery of how 'handedness' arises - China Sanitary Boots

            This mirror-image phenomenon -- known as chirality or"handedness" -- has captured the imagination of a UCLAresearch group led by Thomas G. Mason, a professor of chemistry andphysics and a member of the California NanoSystems Institute atUCLA. Mason has been exploring how and why chirality arises, and hisnewest findings on the physical origins of the phenomenon werepublished May 1 in the journal Nature Communications. "Objects like our hands are chiral, while objects like regulartriangles are achiral , meaning they don't have a handedness to them," said Mason,the senior author of the study.

            "Achiral objects can be easilysuperimposed on top of one another." Why many of the important functional molecules in our bodies almostalways occur in just one chiral form when they could potentiallyexist in either is a mystery that has confounded researchers foryears. "Our bodies contain important molecules like proteins thatoverwhelmingly have one type of chirality," Mason said."The other chiral form is essentially not found. I find thatfascinating. We asked, 'Could this biological preference of aparticular chirality possibly have a physical origin?'" In addressing this question, Mason and his team sought to discoverhow chirality occurs in the first place.

            Their findings offer newinsights into how the phenomenon can arise spontaneously, even with achiral building-blocks. Mason and his colleagues used a manufacturing technique calledlithography, which is the basis for making computer chips, to makemillions of microscale particles in the shape of achiral triangles.In the past, Mason has used this technique to "print"particles in a wide variety of shapes, and even in the form ofletters of the alphabet. Using optical microscopy, the researchers then studied very densesystems of these lithographic triangular particles. To theirsurprise, they discovered that the achiral triangles spontaneouslyarranged themselves to form two-triangle"super-structures," with each super-structure exhibitinga particular chirality. In the image that accompanies this article, the colored outlines inthe field of triangles indicate chiral super-structures havingparticular orientations. PVC Rain Boots

            So what is causing this phenomenon to occur? Entropy, says Mason.His group has shown for the first time that chiral structures canoriginate from physical entropic forces acting on uniform achiralparticles. "It's quite bizarre," Mason said. "You're startingwith achiral components -- triangles -- which undergo Brownianmotion and you end up with the spontaneous formation ofsuper-structures that have a handedness or chirality. I would neverhave anticipated that in a million years." Entropy is usually thought of as a disordering force, but thatdoesn't capture its subtler aspects. China Sanitary Boots

            In this case, when thetriangular particles are diffusing and interacting at very highdensities on a flat surface, each particle can actually maximizeits "wiggle room" by becoming partially ordered into aliquid crystal (a phase of matter between a liquid and a solid)made out of chiral super-structures of triangles. "We discovered that just two physical ingredients -- entropyand particle shape -- are enough to cause chirality to appearspontaneously in dense systems," Mason said. "In my 25years of doing research, I never thought that I would see chiralityoccur in a system of achiral objects driven by entropicforces." As for the future of this research, "We are very interested tosee what happens with other shapes and if we can eventually controlthe chiral formations that we see occurring herespontaneously," he said. "To me, it's intriguing, because I think about the chiralpreference in biology," Mason added. "How did this chiralpreference happen? What are the minimum ingredients for that tooccur? We're learning some new physical rules, but the story inbiology is far from complete. High Heel Rain Boots

            We have added another chapter to thestory, and I'm amazed by these findings." To learn more, a message board accompanies the publication inNature Communications, an online journal, as a forum forinteractive discussion. This research was funded by the University of California. Kun Zhao,a postdoctoral researcher in Mason's laboratory, made many keycontributions, including fabricating the triangle particles,creating the two-dimensional system of particles, performing theoptical microscopy experiments, carrying out extensiveparticle-tracking analysis and interpreting the results. Along with Mason, co-author Robijn Bruinsma, a UCLA professor oftheoretical physics and a member of the California NanoSystemsInstitute at UCLA, contributed to the understanding of the chiralsymmetry breaking and the liquid crystal phases.

            Can google apps unseat microsoft office and exchange? - China Embossed Leather Patches

              That very question prompted a 60-day pilot test at New England Biolabs , an Ipswich, Mass.-based molecular biology company. Given thegrowth of Macs and mobile BYOD technology at the company, as wellas the need to collaborate with mobile users and internationalsubsidiaries, the IT team decided it was time to seriouslyinvestigate Google Apps for Business as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. "Many of us, myself included, went into the process thinking thiswould be a no-brainer," says Ken Grady, CIO and director of IT atNew England Biolabs. "We figured we'd end up moving to Google,saving a bundle of money, and everyone would be happier." "Boy, was I surprised," Grady added.

              As a result of itsproof-of-concept testing, New England Biolabs decided to stick withits existing Outlook/Exchange Server set-up and plans to transitionto a hybrid solution that adds the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365for remote and international users. Why Consider Google Apps? Like many organizations today, New England Biolabs has a growingarmy of mobile users, many of whom prefer to use their favoritedevices, such as iPads. "We've given our staff a great deal of device freedom, especiallythe scientific researchers," Grady says. Some 50 percent of thecompany's employees work on Mac or Linux computers, the rest onWindows.

              New England Biolabs has been an Outlook/Exchange shop for manyyears, and currently manages a total of about 500 mailboxes. Butgiven the shifting dynamics of its user base and the need tocollaborate with non-employees, Google Apps for Business began to appear like it could be a more suitable collaborationplatform. Launched in February 2007, Google Apps for Business costs $50 peruser account per year, with no maximum number of users. The suiteof SaaS collaboration and document tools currently has a user baseof about 4 million customers, according to Rahul Sood, director ofenterprise applications at Google. Reusable Carrier Bags

              About 5,000 organizations areadopting Google Apps for Business every day, he says. "In the public and education sectors and SMBs and enterprise,Google Apps is gaining traction, with increased growth and adoptionacross the board," Sood says. For example, of Business Insider's 20 Silicon Valley Startups to Watch , 97 percent use Google Apps for Business, Sood points out. Among the top 100 universities in the United States, 61 are runningGoogle Apps. A number of high-profile enterprises, includingGenentech, Roche, Jaguar, National Geographic, Virgin America,Casio and Salesforce, use Google Apps for Business. China Embossed Leather Patches

              (Googlemaintains a list of Apps for Business users online.) Many companies choose Google Apps because their employees have usedGmail and other Google products for personal use, and they havebecome advocates for adopting the professional Google tools at theoffice, Sood says. Also, companies like Google Apps because they don't get locked intolong-term contracts. "We use a flex pay model," Sood says. "If youstart using Google Apps and you want to terminate our service, youcan do it within the month. China Plain Cotton Bags

              There's no lock-in." Customers also like Google Apps because the cloud-based suite of applications "is more in linewith how they want to work in the future," he adds. For instance,the capability to easily collaborate on documents in the cloud froma variety of devices is a particular attraction. "We've been successful in the enterprise because we've invested inbuilding a platform that allows us to provide these services withthe right controls, security and compliance requirements, and thereliability and performance enterprises need," Sood says. "At thesame time, enterprise customers can adopt new or additionalfeatures at their own pace." Some analysts agree that SaaS systems such as Google Apps forBusiness are gaining traction in the market.

              Outsourcing thehosting and management of a utility service such as email makessense for many companies, according to Melissa Webster, a programvice president at research firm IDC. "The need to support a geographically distributed workforce makes acloud solution attractive, especially the need to collaborate withexternal stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, partners,investors, students and alumni and investors," Webster says. "Also,hosted solutions are usually accompanied by a subscriptionlicensing model, which is very attractive when capital budgets areconstrained." But Google Apps for Business and other cloud collaboration toolsaren't for everyone, Webster says. For example, enterprises usuallyalready have an email/collaboration platform in place, which canmake transitioning to a cloud-based system challenging from achange-management perspective.

              And that's exactly what happened at New England Biolabs. How New England Biolabs Tested Google Apps In early December 2011, the IT team at New England Biolabsinitiated a pilot test of Google Apps for Business. The overarchingobjective was to determine if Google's SaaS suite could provide asingle, unified email and collaboration platform for the entirecompany, including its international subsidiaries. Along withemail, the IT team wanted to add collaboration tools to the mix,such as chat or instant messaging, video and Web conferencing andpresence.

              Specifically, the team developed three sets of criteria againstwhich Google Apps for Business would be evaluated. 1. Functionality. Does Google App for Business offer the tools and features usersneed? Do those features all tie together well? "Can you get it todo what you need it to do?" was the primary question, Gradyexplained. 2.

              Cost. Will Google Apps for Business save the company money overall? 3. Change management. How easy or difficult will it be for users to make the transitionfrom Outlook/Exchange to Google Apps for Business? The test involved about 24 New England Biolabs employees, all ofwhom had experience with Gmail as their personal email account.Fewer than half were from IT. The rest were spread across thecompany, from business development to marketing to research.

              "For the test, we sought people we knew were 'IT friendly,'" Gradysays. "We wanted people who had expressed an interest in moving toGoogle Apps. We knew that if we went with Google, it would be a bigchange. So we wanted to find people for the test who were likely tobe 'change champions.'" During the 60-day trial, participants used Google Apps for Business applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and, to alesser extent, Google Sites.

              During the proof-of-concept period,most testers exclusively used Google Apps in lieu of Outlook, butused both Office apps and Google Docs.

              Government study on option of building below ground - China Suit Garment Bag - Fabric Carrier Bags Manufacturer

                Reservoirs , power plants and other facilities such as landfills could be put togetherbeneath the ground in order to save precious land, under an optionto be studied by the government. The move could bring other benefits, with heat and energy from oneplant potentially being used to run another. A reservoir can also generate hydroelectric power if water ispumped up to a height and allowed to cascade downwards. The Ministry of National Development is to look at the costs andbenefits of clustering the facilities which also includedesalination and incineration plants at specific sites such asTuas. Reusable Carrier Bags

                The research, which may be the most extensive on the subject todate, will help the government decide whether to go ahead andbuild, said a spokesman for the ministry. A tender was called forthe study late last month, and a site briefing for interestedparties will be held on Tuesday. The consultants hired will work out the cost, construction time,environmental impact, and technical, operating and maintenancerequirements. Their final report will be due at the end of nextyear. Going underground would save precious land, according to a keyrecommendation contained in the Economic StrategiesCommittee's report in 2010. China Suit Garment Bag

                It called for the development ofan underground masterplan and a subterranean land rights andvaluation framework. A dedicated geological office was set up in 2010 by the Buildingand Construction Authority, but even before that, subterraneanSingapore was thriving. Most of its below-ground infrastructure, such as the CommonServices Tunnel for utilities and the MRT rail network, is lessthan 20 meters down, but the Jurong Rock Cavern for oil storage isat a depth of 130m. Other studies, such as one by the Society for Rock Mechanics &Engineering Geology, have already identified potential sites. Fabric Carrier Bags Manufacturer

                Forexample, water-storage caverns could be sited at Bukit Batok andBukit Gombak, in the tough Bukit Timah Granite formation that makesup about one-third of Singapore's surface area. And the sedimentary rock of the Jurong Formation could housewarehouses at Mount Faber, propane storage at Pandan and anunderground science city, already being studied by industrialdeveloper JTC Corporation, at a 20ha geological formation beneathKent Ridge. Asked about safety and pollution concerns, rock-mechanics expertZhao Jian of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausannepointed out: Underground caverns are much safer againstearthquakes than above-ground buildings, and pollution can becontained easily in caverns compared to above ground. As for flood protection, it is possible to design floodgates anddiversion tunnels. Underground caverns are also generally moresecure for military and energy installations such asSingapore's underground ammunition storage facility, headded.

                Some types of underground installations have already been adoptedin other countries. For instance, a hydropower station in Walesuses water rushing downwards to generate electricity, while inNorway, caverns in hard bedrock are used for drinking waterstorage. Underground infrastructure does not come cheap the first phaseof the Jurong Rock Cavern, Singapore's first underground oilstorage project, cost S$890 million (US$714.46 million) to build.But with land increasingly scarce, JTC is already exploring thepossibility of a subterranean multi-utility hub for the One-Northresearch and business park in Buona Vista. Other experts, such as former chief defense scientist Lui PaoChuen, have previously suggested recouping part of the cost byselling excavated rocks for construction works.

                Award winning digital agency nominated for business excellenceaward 2012 - Buddhist Bracelet Manufacturer

                  (PRWEB UK) 8 May 2012 Each year, a winner is chosen from one of five categories, with Cyber-Duck nominated in the small business (SME) of the year category. A record number of entries this year makes the competition morefierce than ever. This is largely due to the economic downturn,making it understandable that companies want to show off theirinnovation and the talent of their staff. This is one area whereCyber-Duck really outclasses its competitors. 925 Silver Jewellery

                  Since their inceptionjust seven short years ago, Cyber-Duck have been committed todelivering superior SaaS, Websites and Apps for clients whilstproviding the best working conditions for their amazing team. Cyber-Duck were handpicked to participate in the BusinessExcellence Awards says Danny Bluestone, Managing Director ofCyber-Duck Ltd. We were delighted to be shortlisted after the firstround of judging and even more delighted to meet the second pair ofjudges after being told that we are finalists. I think that thejudges loved our Adaptive Web Design offering one digital solutionthat adapts across all devices. Buddhist Bracelet Manufacturer

                  The judges also liked howCyber-Duck educate the community at places like Digital Shoreditch(the UKs equivalent of the US based SXSW). They were equallyimpressed with our internship and graduate programmes at our newElstree/London offices, amazing financial performance and the typeof incentives that we offer to our team. The Business Excellence Award 2012 is being held on 17th May 2012at Shendish Manor in Hemel Hempstead. This is an exciting time forCyber-Duck, and indeed for all companies who have a chance ofpicking up this coveted accolade. Crystal Beaded Bracelets Manufacturer

                  About Cyber-Duck Cyber-Duck Ltd is an innovative and pioneering digital agency andconsultancy specialising in delivering award winning User-CentredSolutions. The company works with over 100 global businessesranging from businesses and organisations such as the EuropeanUnion, NordicBet, BAM, Jewson, Halcyon Gallery and Arsenal FC. Utilising the latest web 2.0 and SaaS technologies, powerfuleCommerce solutions, stylish branding and expert online marketing,Cyber-Duck provides comprehensive solutions that streamlinebusiness processes and drive conversions. Cyber-Ducks five coreservices are Web & Mobile and SaaS Technology, UX Consultancy,Branding and Marketing. Read the full story at releases/2012/5/prweb9475791.htm .

                  Au optronics corp. reports april 2012 consolidated revenue - CCTV Box Camera - 700tvl Security Camera Manufacturer

                    ABOUT AU OPTRONICS AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) is one of the world's leading providers ofdisplay and solar total solutions. AUO offers a full range of panelsizes and comprehensive applications ranging from 1.2 inches to 71inches. Based on its profound R&D and manufacturing experience,AUO continues to develop advanced display technologies of the nextgeneration. Megapixel IP Cameras

                    AUO extended its market to the green energy industry in2008. By building a vertically integrated high-efficiency solarvalue chain, AUO provides its customers with high-efficiency solarsolutions. AUO currently has global operations in Taiwan , Mainland China, the U.S., Japan , South Korea , Singapore , the Netherlands , Czech and Slovakia . Additionally, AUO is the first pure TFT-LCD manufacturer to besuccessfully listed at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). AUO hasalso been named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for twoconsecutive years from 2010 to 2011. CCTV Box Camera

                    AUO generated NT$379.7 billion ( US$ 12.54 billion ) in sales revenue in 2011. For more information, please visit AUO.com . * 2011 year end revenue converted at an exchange rate of NTD30.27: USD1 . Safe Harbour Notice AU Optronics Corp. 700tvl Security Camera Manufacturer

                    ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO), a global leaderof TFT-LCD panels, today announced the above news. Except forstatements in respect of historical matters, the statementscontained in this Release are "forward-looking statements" withinthe meaning of Section 27A of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 andSection 21E of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Theseforward-looking statements were based on our management'sexpectations, projections and beliefs at the time regarding mattersincluding, among other things, future revenues and costs, financialperformance, technology changes, capacity, utilization rates,yields, process and geographical diversification, future expansionplans and business strategy.

                    Such forward looking statements aresubject to a number of known and unknown risks and uncertaintiesthat can cause actual results to differ materially from thoseexpressed or implied by such statements, including risks related tothe flat panel display industry, the TFT-LCD market, acceptance ofand demand for our products, technological and development risks,competitive factors, and other risks described in the sectionentitled "Risk Factors" in our Form 20-F filed with the UnitedStates Securities and Exchange Commission on April 27th, 2012 . SOURCE AU Optronics Corporation Copyright 2010 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved.

                    Squire sanders continues to strengthen presence in asia - Nurse Fob Watch - Negative Ion Watch Manufacturer

                      BEIJING , SHANGHAI and HONG KONG , May 8, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Global legal practice Squire Sanderscontinues to boost its presence in Asia with the addition of four new partners. Jenny Liu and Xudong Ni have joined the legal practice s Beijing and Shanghai offices, and Sin Kiu Ng and Kam W. Law have joined the Hong Kong office. The expansion of Squire Sanders China offices comes only weeks after the announcement of the firm s Singapore office opening, demonstrating its commitment to clients operatingacross the region. Jenny Liu , Xudong Ni and Sin Kiu Ng are corporate lawyers and Kam W.

                      Law is an intellectual property and patent attorney. -- Jenny Liu s practice focuses primarily on private equity andventure capital investment work in China , mostly on behalf of foreign-controlled investment funds. She alsorepresents private Chinese companies on a broad range of corporateand commercial work, including financing and internationaltransactions. -- Xudong Ni has extensive experience advising on cross-border mergers andacquisitions, China regulatory matters, in-bound and outbound foreign directinvestments, banking and finance law issues, and disputeresolution.

                      Xudong has expertise within the aviation and aerospaceindustry sector. -- Sin Kiu Ng has wide ranging corporate experience. She has completed more than40 Initial Public Offerings of securities on the Main Board andGrowth Enterprise Market of HKSE. She also has considerable M&Aand venture capital experience. Silicone Jelly Watch

                      -- Kam W. Law , in addition to extensive experience with law firms, has heldin-house positions with various multi-nationals, including 3M andSamsung Electronics in the US. A registered US patent attorney andqualified solicitor in the US and Hong Kong , Kam has a track record of handling patent applications forFortune 500 companies in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals,biotechnological and renewable energy industries worldwide, withparticular expertise across China and the Asia Pacific region, the US, Canada , Brazil and Mexico , Europe and Russia . He has represented clients in infringement actions, patentlitigation and licensing matters across the world. Our new partners will enhance our strong platform in Asia, said Ken Kurosu , Squire Sanders Asia practice coordinator. Nurse Fob Watch

                      Their appointmentsreflect our commitment to clients operating within the region andour plan to pursue strategic growth in support of their needs. William Downs , global practice group leader for Corporate and Corporate Finance,said: Jenny, Xudong and Sin Kiu are highly regarded in theirlocal markets and their experience strengthens our ability to offercomprehensive corporate counsel to companies doing business in the Asia Pacific region. Commenting on Kam W. Law s appointment, David Elkins , global practice group leader for Intellectual Property andTechnology, said: Kam s experience within the life and healthscience technologies sector is a natural fit with our existingglobal practice. Kam also brings significant experience inproviding intellectual property-related due diligence supportassociated with corporate transactions and adding this capabilitywill enhance the services we currently provide across the Asia Pacific region. Negative Ion Watch Manufacturer

                      These appointments build on Squire Sanders base of 124 lawyers inthe Asia Pacific region and follow the arrival of partners Mao Tong and Peter Chow in Hong Kong and Ignatius Hwang, who joined the global legal practice to launchan office in Singapore which opened earlier this month. Squire Sanders has also recentlyapplied to the Korean Ministry of Justice to open an office in Seoul, Korea . SOURCE Squire Sanders.

                      Propylene production via metathesis publication is announced by ... - China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Strip

                        Propylene Production via Metathesis Publication is Announced ByIntratec The publication presents all relevant information, on bothtechnical and economic sides, of a propene technology similar toCB&I Lummus OCT process. May 07, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The publication presents allrelevant information, on both technical and economic sides, of apropene technology similar to CB&I Lummus OCT process. Intratec Solutions LLC ( www.intratec.us ), the leading provider of techno-economic publications and process consulting for chemical and allied industries, ispleased to announce the release of the newest publication of theTechnology Economics Program (TEC) - Propylene Production viaMetathesis, Q2 2012 (ISBN: 978-0-615-61145-7). The publication includes a detailed analysis of a process similarto CB&I Lummus OCT, where propylene is produced via metathesis(disproportionation) from ethylene and butenes, presenting keytechnical information such as process description, flow diagrams,heat and material balances, consumption figures, and majorequipment list. The study also includes an in-depth evaluation ofthe economics of such process, presenting capital investment andoperating costs for industrial units constructed in the US Gulf,Germany, and Brazil, as well as the investment for differentintegration scenarios. Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Strip

                        Propylene Production via Metathesis is available at establisheddistribution channels like Amazon.com and HP Magcloud . The report is also offered in digital format at Intratec'swebsite, at an introductory price of US$ 799. A preview of thepublication can be found at: www.intratec.us/publications/propylene-production-via-metathesis . TEC is a multi-client program developed by Intratec that provides,by way of periodic reports, reliable techno-economic assessments ofmature chemical process technologies used by the chemical, polymer,refining and allied industries. China Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Strip

                        The next publications will target: * Propane Dehydrogenation Technologies * Propene Production from Methanol * Polypropylene Technologies For more information about this publication or customized chemicalprocess feasibility studies contact Intratec at sales@intratec.us . About Intratec Intratec ( www.intratec.us ) has been the unrivalled provider of techno-economic publicationsand process consulting for chemical and allied industries.Intratec's wide spectrum of services include process plantconfiguration studies, competitive technical intelligence analyses,energy optimization studies, capital cost build-up of entirefacilities from individual equipment-level concept design,technical opportunities identification and opportunity portfoliooptimization in existing plants and technology evaluation foremerging technologies among others. With offices in USA, Mexico,Brazil and Canada, Intratec serves readers and clients whereverthey need. Media Contact: Thiago Carneiro Intratec Solutions LLC 1 713 8211745 www.intratec.us --- Press release service and press release distribution provided bywww.24-7pressrelease.com. China Mild Steel Products

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